I started with the idea of stopping the time and finding his secrets

Vlad in Studio in Torino

Reserch & Concept

In 2010 I began in Turin – Italy, my project series named “Fragile”. I always thought that a true artist sees beauty and aesthetics in some things which for ordinary people may represent nothing.

The idea I had from the beginning, was the base of the project,  to create a link between human life and the life of human creation – machines and technology. Throughout the project, I studied especially the rust & time. A extraordinary phenomena, that since the birth announces the end. The color and how its developing is infinitely complex. I realized that rust does not affect only iron, it affects everything…nature, animals, earth and finally even man inside. We live with the thought, that we will live forever, but from the moment we are born, life clock starts and we begin to rust, just like a machine. In my work for this project, I tried through plastic and conceptual meaning to stop the time… But also the time should not be stopped and it cannot be stopped. It creates the beauty of the moment, which finally is passing leaving traces and experiences that are characteristic for each of us.

Using contrast and different techniques I tried to focus and de-screening issues, pointing in a game where protagonists that interest me are the viewer the subjects. I created a gateway between reality and painting where color dress rust in a strange way.

 Vlad is currently represented by       INTERNATIONAL ART GALLERY ANGELS


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