I am a young explorer with a crazy passion for high mountains

I started  climbing mountains when i was 10, and at 13 i started climbing the first long routes, from that point I knew that I will do this all my life.
I participated and coordinated expeditions in Europe, Middle East, Russia, North America, Central and Western Asia. I  also managed to open  some first ascents on alpine & rock routes in Europe and Himalaya.
In recent years i discovered that real adventure is in the highest mountains on the planet, deep in the Himalayas where i found great people and a tremendous culture, lost in time. There I started to follow my dream beyond limits on some technical routes. I had been on 6 major Himalayan climbing expeditions to 10 different peaks ranging from 6000m-8000m.

Climbing always helped me to exceed my limits, and overcome the impossible.
I always thought that true exploration is stepping deep into the unknown, out there i found true satisfaction and fulfillment, discovering new horizons.

Vlad is the founder & CEO of Centrala de escalada and the president of Extreme Explorer Club.


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